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"Rays of Light" - A Healing Modality
Linda Street



Any Energy Healing Session can be received in person or from another location.


Initial 10 minute Phone Consultation              


Inter-Dimensional Energy Healing (IEH) Session (45 minutes)


Inter-Dimensional Energy Healing (IEH) Session to inlcude Home/

                 Garage/Structure/Land and/or Property (45 minutes)

$75.00 to include 20 mile drive.

$1.00 per mile beyond 20 miles.

Letting Go Wiith Love Workshop (5 hours)

Energy Healing Workshop (5 hours)

Elevate Your Divine Connection Class

The Essence of Balance NATURE ESSENCE

Nature Sticks 

Divine Space Clearing Bundles 4-Pack

Divine Space Clearing Bundle Single Bundle



Coaching / Consulting (Business)









$95.00/ 60 minutes

$55.00/ 30 minutes

$95.00/ 60 minutes

Please call for details.


Linda published "Rays of Light" ~ Listen To The Dark in 2014.  The book explains the “Rays of Light” in more detail and specifically describes how anyone can easily access the frequencies of the “Rays of Light” and the Earth energies.  Meditations and detailed instructions for sessions are included in the chapters. The book is available for purchase through Linda locally in the Cleveland area by contacting Linda at 440-360-7854 or by email at lindastreet@healingfromyourheart.com. The cost is $25.00 plus tax.


"Rays of Light"

The "Rays of Light" consist of the infinite Rays of the Divine and the Etheric Beings associated with each Ray. Each Ray is a different color and frequency and provides unique benefits. The purpose of this healing modality is to support spiritual enlightenment. Anyone can easily access the “Rays of Light.” In each “Rays of Light” healing session, the energies of Mother Earth and the Rays are accessed for all 13 of the primary chakras to be cleansed, balanced, and re-aligned, which include the 8 primary body chakras, 3 primary chakras above the head, and 2 primary chakras below the feet.

The "Rays of Light" and Earth energies bring harmony and balance on all levels (in the physical and the non-physical), intuitive guidance, and information.  This brings elevation and deepens one’s connection to the Divine, to Mother Earth, and to “all that is,” supporting spiritual enlightenment and allowing for past patterns that feel heavy and burdensome, to be replaced with new patterns that feel loving and supportive. The Etheric Beings and the frequencies of the Rays will assist and support you each time the Rays are accessed, and after a session, as long as you are actively setting intentions and taking action steps with a positive and uplifting approach.  A positive focus is critical in your words, thoughts, and actions to support this enlightenment and upward movement.


New Inter-Dimensional Energy Healing(IEH) Sessions:


Energy Healing Sessions:

Inter-Dimensional Energy Healing (IEH) Session

This 40 minute healing session includes many chosen prayers, intentions and meditations to call upon all of the Divine to assist with the healing session. This allows the recipient to receive a deep cleansing and healing on this planet Earth, in the physical, then to receive a deep cleansing and healing in the non- physical, on all levels and in all time and space, realities, realms and dimensions, encompassing all lifetimes, on a conscious and unconscious level. This deep cleansing and healing supports and assists spiritual enlightenment and growth. After many years of work Linda has adjusted the overall vibrations of her body which now allow her body to act as a conduit and a host to these Divine healing frequencies, energies and vibrations of this planet Earth and beyond.

The session begins with a 10 minute “Rays of Light” Energy Healing session where beautiful beings Of Divine Light and Love, such as the Angels, Archangels, Masters and Ascended Masters, step into this Earthly realm to assist with the cleansing , healing, balancing and re-alignment of the 13 primary chakras within and around each human being.

Over the next 30 minutes, other worldly highly evolved ethical and Divine Light Beings will transport the recipient, in the non-physical, into other worldly and Divine realms and dimensions to continue the Interdimensional Energy Healing session. They will be working with all Divine aspects within and around the recipient, and on a soul level, to include all of the many chakras and energy channels, for a deeper cleansing, releasing, healing, and balancing. Divine Soul essences and aspects that have been lost will be retrieved, recovered and re-integrated. Divine aspects that do not belong to the recipient’s soul will be released and returned. This is followed with a unique Energy Healing Session that is deemed perfect for the recipient at this time, conducted by the beautiful Galactic Beings of Light. The result is a greater sense of peace, awareness, light-heartedness; and a feeling of being refreshed to allow a greater sense of clarity of mind and of the heart.

What is in the “Rays of Light” Energy Healing Session

The “Rays of Light” are “all that is” and all of the Divine frequencies, energies and vibrations available to all on this planet Earth at this time. This session includes the cleansing of the aura and accessing the Divine frequencies of the "Rays of Light" and the Divine Earth energies, while calling on the Angels, Archangels, Masters and Ascended Masters, to assist in the cleansing, healing, balancing and re-alignment of the 13 primary chakras within and around the recipient, sealing in all of the healing frequencies and energies to create a Divine boundary. All etheric cords (invisible cords) that the recipient may have attached to other persons, objects, or situations will be dissolved with love. The recipient will be infused with the healing frequencies of the “Rays of Light” and “all that is” and the Earth energies available on all levels.

*The recipient will receive a small packet of information and homework to include prayers, personalized positive intentions and instructions.


Distance Healing Session

The is Inter-Dimensional Energy Healing (IEH) Session can be received by a recipient from any location. You need not be present. These sessions are generally completed while the recipient is on the phone.


 Consulting / Coaching (Individual):

This session provides coaching and/or consultation to assist in individual with their spiritual enlightenment and growth. Educating and teaching how to let go of emotions and patterns that do not feel good while choosing emotions and patterns that do feel good. Teaching about the "Rays of Light" and about energy and "how it works" and coaching and teaching how to use and develop one's gifts to improve well-being.

Coaching / Consulting (Business):

This session provides coaching/consulting to assist and individual with their business development through spiritual enlightenment and growth. Educating and consulting on how to let go of emotions and patterns that do not feel good while choosing emotions and patterns that do feel good. This includes consulting in the area of management and employees and in building and supporting a company and its environment. Teaching about the "Rays of Light" and energy and "how it works" while coaching and teaching how to use ones' gifts and improving well-being. These teachings will be related to a business setting and environment to include the well-being of employees.




"Rays of Light" ~ Here for the Asking

60 to 90 minutes depending on audience. Please call for more details.

Does your heart feel heavy when you wish for lightheartedness? Are you feeling sad when you desire to feel joy again. Learn how you can heal yourself from the inside out. You can truly create your own day and your own experiences to bring about your heart's desires. We can work together to identify and begin creating your very own positive intentions. Come learn how you can heal yourself from that magical place we call "Heart Center".

Linda Street presents information and teachings about the 13 “Rays of Light,” how you can access and use the Rays at any time, and a brief overview of your 13 primary chakras, including your 8 primary body chakras. You do not need a certification or a class to access and to use the “Rays of Light,” you need only to understand how they work. Linda will share information and teachings from the book about the “Rays of Light,” about how they work, how the Rays can be accessed to receive guidance and information, for special intentions, for meditation, for general healing purpose, and to cleanse, heal, balance, and re-align your chakras. The frequencies of the “Rays of Light” will be shared with all participants during this presentation.


Meditation......it is truly very simple

60 - 90 minutes depending on the audience. Please call for more details.

Participate in a discussion where information is shared about meditation and what it truly means to meditate. You may be surprised. Or you may choose to just listen, relax, and experience. We have heard this word "meditation" for many years. What is the definition and what does it truly mean? Experience a simple meditation while you enjoy the benefits, the peace and calm, tranquility, serenity, vibration of love, inspiration, and guidance. You decide!

The frequencies of the “Rays of Light” and the beautiful energies of the Angels will be shared  as well as the beings of Nature assisting each person in “lightening up” during this presentation. Nature Sticks will be used by each participant in a short meditation to assist and support your growth, as you "let go" and release the old, always with the vibration of love, allowing room for new and uplifting emotions.


Letting Go Through Meditation

60 to 90 minutes depending on audience. Please call for more details.

Most of us genuinely have the desire to “let go” of what does not feel good to us. Letting go is a process that takes understanding and practice. It can be accomplished. Linda Street will be sharing information from personal experiences, about these processes and methods to assist in letting go, allowing a greater experience of light-heartedness and joy. She will be explaining from the perspective of “energy” and how it works. There will be a guided meditation to experience the healing energies.






Divine Space Clearing Bundles

The purpose and use of Divine Bundles is the infusing Divine healing frequencies, energies and vibrations within a designated house, space, structure, land and/or property while cleansing, clearing and releasing the opposite. Divine Bundles are placed in the corners of the designated building, space or property.  Each Divine Bundle holds the intentions of 6 Advanced Divine Healing Mediations specifically intended to focus on the house, space, structure, land and/or property and all that is located within the designated space and the Divine Bundles. There are crystals, elements of nature essences and Divine intentions within each Divine Bundle.

The six Advanced Divine Healing Meditations are very comprehensive, calling on all of the Divine, holding and working in Divine light and Love, from this planet, the Universe and beyond, to include all loving beings of the “Rays of Light,” Angels and Archangels, Masters and Ascended Masters, and other dimensional Divine Beings of Light such as the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, the Sirian Archangelic League of Light, the Arcturian Councils of Light and all of the Divine of Nature to include the Nature Beings and Nature Spirit Essences.

Divine Space Clearing Bundles are intended to cleanse and clear a designated house, space; structure, land and/or property and are not intended to work on the person(s) within the building, space or structure. Each person within the space will enjoy the benefits of an energetically clean and comfortable space; however, each individual will need to take accountability for their own personal spiritual enlightenment and growth, while being supported by a more clean, healthy and balanced space. There are exceptions to the energies and vibrations that can be cleared by the Divine Bundles.

Some of the benefits of the Divine Bundles may be greater intuition, more clarity of mind, receiving more guidance and information to assist with one’s spiritual enlightenment and growth, a greater awareness of one’s spiritual guides, nudges and recommendations that are being provided and a greater sense of peace and calm. There is the benefit of not being effected by the energy of an earthbound spirit or ghost, uncomfortable entities that may have entered the space or uncomfortable residual energy that has accumulated over time within a particular house, space; building, structure, land and/or property.

The intentions within the Divine Bundles will release and reject etheric cords attached or intended toward the designated house, space; structure, land and/or property. This will not prevent or release personal etheric cords connected to a person or intended toward a person within the space or structure. Other worldly energies and residual energies holding Divine soul essence need a deep cleansing for removal. Divine Space Clearing Bundles are continuously cleansing, clearing and healing all that is holding less than Divine Light and Love while Divine Light and Love is continually being infused and saturated into the designated house, space; structure, land and/or property.

Once the Divine Bundles are placed, the intentions and the benefit are ongoing. It is recommended that the contents not be removed them from the Divine Bundle (the bag) as each Divine Bundle and its contents have been Divinely activated and each serves a purpose. The Divine Bundles themselves can be removed and placed in a new location at any time. It is recommended that with each new placement the instructions and intentions be repeated for the placement.


Divine Space Clearing Bundles 4-Pack ~ $55.00

Divine Space Clearing Single ~ $15.00



Essence of Balance now available:

NATURE ESSENCES begin with purified water and can include any Divine essences available in and of nature such as light essence, flower essence, plant essence, rain essence, and crystal essence, etc. Nature Essences are also infused with the vibrations of the “Rays of Light” and other forms of the vibration of love channeled within, throughout and from the planet Earth, the Universe and beyond. Assistance is received from the Nature Beings, Nature Essences themselves, the Angelic and Archangelic realms and the realms of the Masters and Ascended Masters, all holding and working in Divine Light and Love.

NATURE ESSENCES can support and enhance the chakras, the energy systems, and the overall balance of energies and frequencies affecting one’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state. They are not intended as a substitute for choosing personal positive intentions, prayers, spiritual growth and enlightenment or any other energy work or medical needs being presented to a person.

*The Essence of Balance  is a balance of and from nature and assists in a general balancing of the chakras, bringing one into their heart center, to begin a meditation, to ask for guidance, to receive information or prior to choosing any prayer or positive intention. The heart center is one’s connection to one’s soul, which is one’s connection to the Divine and to “all that is, and one will always feel calm and peaceful when connected to one’s soul and to any true Divine Source. The effects are temporary and are intended to support one’s continued work on spiritual growth and enlightenment as one works toward the “quickening” of their own personal vibration of love.

Essence of Balance is recommended for daily use. Three spritzes over the Crown Chakra (head) assists with bringing a general balance to the body and a connection to a true Divine Source. One spritz can be used over a particular chakra or area of the physical body that may be lightly blocked. It can be spritzed over a massage table or into a space for assistance in the cleansing of a space or a table prior to any energy healing session or massage. Trust your guidance as to the uses as they are unlimited for bringing in balance.

Essence of Balance~$23.00



Nature Sticks 

What are Nature Sticks?

The Nature Sticks allow you to connect with your own Divine soul essence and aspects of being, to assist with the releasing and “letting go” of old limiting patterns and beliefs, and their attached emotions that weigh you down, preventing your spiritual growth and enlightenment. Once you begin to “let go” and release some of the old patterns and beliefs you are more open to now choose and attract more of what feels good and wonderful to you, supporting your spiritual enlightenment and growth.

Nature Sticks can be used to assist in meditations as you connect with your higher self to receive information, guidance and healing, while attracting overall peaceful and calming frequencies and energies when you need and desire them. Once the Nature Sticks are activated, the Angels, Nature beings and beautiful etheric beings of the Divine step onto that Nature Stick with the purpose of sharing their beautiful gifts. They will assist with the accessing to your higher self, with the meditations, with the messages, with the releasing of the old while choosing the new and the overall experience of “lightening up” as you continue to grow and expand with the Divine.

Nature Stick ~ $20.00



 Workshops and classes:


Letting Go With Love: 

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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Energy Healing Workshop

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Elevate Your Divine Connection($325.00): 

Friday,  6:00pm - 10:00pm

Saturday, 8:30am - 5:30pm

Sunday, 8:30am - 5:30pm

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Meetup Groups: 

Caring Conversations


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 Please call Linda at 440-360-7854 for details about products or services.