Healing From Your Heart
"Rays of Light" - A Healing Modality
Linda Street

Healing From Your Heart


As a little girl I was extremely intuitive and often channeled information without recognition, understanding, or an awareness of what was occurring. Out of fear, I shut down this communication at a young age. In becoming an adult, my life events had brought this to my attention and I began to lift myself up, out of the perception of darkness, and open back up. As I read, researched, completed workshops, and courses, I could clearly see that I was not alone in my fears and perceptions. I found that the more I understood, the more I could experience the fear dissolving. I began to experiment, to practice and to train as I learned to work with the frequencies of the Divine and the energies of Earth, using a positive approach.

As I did so, I watched myself begin to heal mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I experimented and practiced as I continued to learn and grow.  I completed more classes and training, which lead to more experiences and more understanding of myself, energy, and how it all works. I believe that I am no different than you, as each person is born having access to the energies of this Earth and to the frequencies of the Divine, as we are all equal. Each person can learn to understand these frequencies, the energies and how they work. I am looking forward to assisting those who are seeking this information and learning to release the old with gratitude, and to welcome the new with appreciation while enjoying life the way it was meant to be lived.

*Linda works only with Divine Beings of Light, never the opposite, to offer a safe space and comfortable environment for energy healing.

With Love and Respect,

Linda Street

Energy Channel, Energy Coach, and Teacher


Contact Information:

Location:  Westlake, OH
Phone: (440) 360-7854
Email: lindastreet@healingfromyourheart.com